Thermography, An important screening to enhance your knowledge of your body and health

Thermography, An important screening to enhance your knowledge of your body and health

Thermography for your breast and body are an important adjunctive health screening. Taking steps to make a difference in your health care plan is important. Thermography is a beneficial adjunct to your healthcare and Chiropractic care as no one method is 100%. Together with other breast health screening it may increase your chances of detection to 95% verse 83-84% with any stand alone method i.e. Mamography (which has high false + readings according to the Townsend letter for Doctors and Patients.)

It can assist your Chiropractor to know where you should have better blood flow and assist him or her in changing your care plan to better enhance your circulation and nerve flow.

For Women and men of any age keep up your monthly self checks of the breast area and be positive about knowing you inside and out. The baseline record is used in comparative analysis with all future annual screenings breast and body, which may help to detect any early changes occurring. It is important to establish your breast baseline. Thermography does not replace any other tests but can assist in diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring. Thermography also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a non invasive, no contact, no radiation, clinical imaging procedure that may assist in showing the thermal abnormalities present in the bodies men and women which may assist in:

  • To help in visualizing the cause of pain
  • To possibly aid in the early detection of disease and pathology
  • To assist in evaluation of sensory-nerve irritation or significant soft tissue injury
  • To assist in defining a previously diagnosed injury or condition
  • To assist in identifying an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing
  • To follow progress of healing, rehabilitation or treatment plans

Please let Dr Laura know if you wish to have this important screening done.

Congratulations are in order if you take care of yourself in a proactive way.

Here are two referral sources for you for this important screening:

In San Francisco
Dr. Payal Bhandari at 415-483-7080,

In Marin County

Lisa Marie Taylor, Fit2B Breast and Body Thermography, www.fit2bthermography.comat 250 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., suite D2,, 562-841-1183. Her mission is to integrate thermography as an adjunctive standard of care for yearly screening for the entire body and breast for men and women. It is her passion to educate men and women about the importance of early detection. (I found her services are more cost effective to use.)