There is a very high incidence of Breast Cancer in Marin County and San Francisco.

I hear approximately 2 patients a month come and tell me they have been diagnosed with a suspicious lump and outright cancer.

I like to teach women in my practice to think of their breasts as dirty sponges that need to be wrung out weekly. This avoids stasis or lack of drainage in the tissue. The lack of drainage allows cysts to form.

In the early 90s I learned a technique from a doctor who studied with Tom Bowen which effectively helps the breasts in that it mobilizes the tissue and allows better drainage. This will be given at the end of this letter.

So many times in my practice I see women still wearing metal around their bras.

Wire bras in some studies have been indicated as not allowing the lymph drainage that needs to

happen around the rib cage. Some of the more holistic MDs in the Bay Area of San Francisco recommend avoiding wire in bras.

Also bras need to be loose enough around the rib cage to allow lymph drainage. Many times my patients have on the tightest clasp and it looks like there are deep indentations around the ribcage like a rubber band.

Many times it’s the axilla or under the arm pit where a lump will form in breast cancer and it has

been hypothesized that it is because of the tight wire in that area and the tightness of the bra, which

is like having a rubber band around your ribcage; fluid will not move normally and nor will meridians

of the nerves or energy flow that way.

Cancer grows well in an acidic environment. Acid foods include all animal products, dairy and caffeinated beverages as well as wheat.