Super Viruses; the 1918 flu Pandemic and Chiropractic

What do these three have in common?

In 1918 the Spanish flu was sweeping through the world killing millions. It was taking the lives of many Americans as well.

The short story is that is the year Chiropractic adjustments shined the brightest, giving us our licensure

from the US. Government. Why?  It was documented that  people who were dying of the Spanish flu didn’t die if they were adjusted by a Chiropractor or Osteopath.

The adjustment has 5 benefits:

There is a barrage of white blood cell (WBCs) activity locally and those are the scavengers of viruses

and bacteria. So viruses and bacteria are actively cleaned up by the WBCs thereby reducing illness.


There is a local spinal cord reflex arc effect reducing muscle tightness in the area

There is a reflex arc to the brain telling the brain where the body is in space

There is a direct effect on the frontal brain which activates logic and higher functioning.

There is also an effect on the peripheral end organ of the spinal nerve activated by the adjustment where the cells are more normally functioning with the better blood flow and nerve flow to the organ, and tissue.


Worried about Corona Virus?

If you have to travel, bring gloves, a N95 face mask, wipes for the seats and tray tables and use them on the plane and in areas where people are coughing, tight waiting areas.

Buy a personal air purifier for $170 on Amazon. Negative ions are emitted and kill viruses from them.

Get plenty of rest, (no red eye flights), nap, drink fluids and avoid sugar! It lowers your immune system by 50% the first 6 hours and can open you up to infection.

Wash your hands allot.

Take Ecchinacae and Goldenseal and Ashwaganda- I carry those items and always have it stocked.

Oregano oil in capsules, take with meals; they are anti everything, viruses bacteria and funghi.

Get adjusted regularly weekly during flu season.