Recent Experiences Working with Newborns and Children

We in the birth world need to tell our successes and our own heart warming stories about those babies we have touched and touch us!

Recently babies in the 4 to 8 month range of life have been raising their right hands when I say hi to them, they say hi back and when they are 4-6 months old it is so surprising and touching. Its happening so often now, it always is joyful to see them communicate greetings. Its like they know me as someone who will help them! ( i know you can teach babies sign language and they will sign back but i don’t remember this happening before like it is now!)

One little 4 month old was on my table as I touched his head his thrashing about became calm, and he instantly fell asleep. Just then I looked up and a great white egret was flying off towards Mount Tam. The mountain was dark charcoal grey that day and the synchrony of motion between the sleeping babe, the winging white bird and grey mountain made for one of those golden moments that opens the heart and you feel all is right in the world.

Babies come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes mom’s know their baby is out of alignment.  This particular mother of twins knew her twin A was too tight and stiff,
and wished for him to be adjusted. She is used to having a reflex tool called the activator used on her in the past. At home I noticed this twin was different from his brother. Twin A had an oblong shaped head and I could see his cranium was being pulled anteriorly on the right by the first cervical vertebrae. With the correction, his head shape was different, and he immediately became more mobile, noted mom and dad. He got very very happy and his color became pink.
It was a joy to behold and brought tears to my eyes.
As my friend Holly’s mom says to her “keep setting them free”, this feels right.

Another little boy just changed after his 4 month vaccines and would make grunting growling noises allot, refused the bottle except for 2 ounces at a time, and was often gassy and miserable, needing to be held allot.
“He is light and sound sensitive now” his mother told me.
She knew something wasn’t right but the doctor assured her he was fine.
I did a home visit and at a follow up in my office, I had the inner nudge to do Japanese acupressure- Jin Shin Jhytsu, the “dizziness flow’ it is called.
He instantly fell into a deep sleep and the mother let me know he was so much better the next day that she is no longer distraught about the reaction, but plans to go with a more holistic doctor for her son.

I little girl with documented Plagiocephaly (flat head on one side) had an immediate change when placed on the atlas machine, a sound wave righted her C1 and her flat spot disappeared instantly. She only needed one follow up and her parents were so surprised and delighted!

A mother read how Chiropractic can help with undescended testicles. Recently she brought in her 4 year old who had one undescended testicle and I found his C1 was out of alignment and with the first adjustment, his undescended teste came down to almost normal. It was about an inch away instead of 3 inches above where it should have been.
I think the pelvis relaxed and that allowed for the fascia to move his testicle. He required 2 more visits.

I think the world is changing much more quickly now and so more and more of these situations are resolving much more quickly too. I guess all the years of practice and education were really worth it.