Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care—The two go hand in hand. Doesn’t it make sense that if your pelvis is well-aligned that you are going to have the most room for the fetus to grow and be comfortable and have a good position too?  That is just what I have observed in women who have received Chiropractic throughout their pregnancy. Those that tell me their first labor lasted more than 24 hours are giving me a clue that may mean their pelvis was out of balance.

If one hip is higher than the other or rotated on an X-axis negative or positively, there will naturally be less room on that side of the pelvis for the uterus to grow. This may tip the uterus to the other side of the pelvis and create situations where the head doesn’t descend properly when it’s time to deliver.

I find that women who take the time to get adjusted and aligned during pregnancy have shorter labors and less painful labors. They need less intervention when it comes down to delivery. For reference articles please see:

Your spine changes with pregnancy and has to deal with forward-pulling weight forces during the time that the fetus grows. These challenges to staying upright, resisting gravity and the extra stress on the joints can be met by and ameliorated by receiving Chiropractic during pregnancy.

OB/GYNs usually don’t have any treatment to offer a woman who is in pain during pregnancy. That is where Chiropractic shines! We can usually turn that kind of situation around in a short amount of time. Women are placed either on their side or on pregnancy cushions for their visit to our office. They love finally being able to lie on their stomach after so long not being able to. We use a table that takes the force of the adjustment by levers. It is pain free and comfortable to be re-aligned this way.

We have many natural resources for pregnant women in our practice. After delivery your Chiropractor will make a home visit to check your alignment and the babies too. Chiropractic during labor helps ease pain and can help things move along if needed. Feel free to call our office, 415-681-1031, with any of your questions or email Dr. Sheehan.

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