Past Wisdom teeth surgery or root canals can cause holes in your jaw

Past Wisdom teeth surgery or root canals can cause holes in your jaw

Holes in Jaw from wisdom teeth extracted and root canal.

They are called a Cavitation or a focal spot of inflammation and also necrosis or bone death and it can hide Lyme and parasites, bacteria and viruses.

It can only be found with cone beam CT.

Recently I had a CT and they found two areas of these holes.

I didn’t have any mouth or jaw pain. (until I found out about the holes-psychosomatic!)

But the biological dentist merely pushed on the gum above my teeth with some force after I was numbed up and it collapsed. Then he cleaned it out with piezoelectric waves and pumped in Ozone which killed the organisms. Then used my own plasma and sealed it up with dissolving sutures. That was the top jaw. On the bottom he had to drill into the bone to get to the hole and do the same thing. It took about a week to heal and will take about two years for the bone to fill in through Wolfe’s law.
The DNA testing showed many different viruses and bacteria including Lyme hiding in my jaw and sapping my strength.

Since having it done my energy has doubled and I feel much more vital.

I talked to someone else I met who had four holes and her eczema went away and a couple other conditions she was dealing with healed also.

If you have had previous dental surgeries or test pulled you may want to have a cone beam CT done. Especially if you have any fatigue or inflammation.

The biological dentist in Mill Valley charged 500$ out of pocket to do the CT.

The surgery to repair one side was 4500$ but I think it’s money well spent .

I don’t think dental insurance covers this.

May you be healthy, wealthy wise and free.