I can work on you from a distance; here is how

There are two 2 ways - Distance Reiki sessions, 1 hour and Scio Eductor Biofeedback Radionic device, 1½ hour sessions These sessions can be done on Humans or Animals Reiki is Rei- Ki, … [Read more...]

Did you know that a child’s mood or behavior may be improved with chiropractic care?

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Super Viruses; the 1918 flu Pandemic and Chiropractic

What do these three have in common? In 1918 the Spanish flu was sweeping through the world killing millions. It was taking the lives of many Americans as well. The short story is that is the … [Read more...]

The Wellness Family

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How the Upper Cervical Spine Relates to Different Maladies

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Regulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow in neurodegenerative, neurovascular and neuroinflammatory disease

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Sensory Processing Disorders

We learn through our senses. What we see, hear, touch and what we experience through the perception of movement from our joints and muscles ae our foundations for learning. Sensory Integration … [Read more...]

Recent Experiences Working with Newborns and Children

We in the birth world need to tell our successes and our own heart warming stories about those babies we have touched and touch us! Recently babies in the 4 to 8 month range of life have been … [Read more...]

Webster Technique can resolve breech presentation

Read more about Webster Technique here: https://laurasheehan.com/pregnancy-care/webster-technique … [Read more...]

The Reason for Reflux in Infants is Rampant

In this discussion on reflux in infants, I will be sharing the different factors I have observed from 15 yrs experience in Infant ICU's and 13 years of treating infants with Reflux in my Family … [Read more...]