Mold Exposure can cause Dizziness, a recent experience

Mold Exposure can cause Dizziness, a recent experience

Mold caused vertigo and epsom salt reversed it.

I was working in the garage today with my Organizer Keren Geva.
She handed me boxes to sort through.
I went through a few boxes of books and came across a big binder full of Chiropractic research articles on the efficacy of Chiropractic for infantile colic and high blood pressure. There was mold all over it!
Black mold! I mistakenly removed some of the pages out of the binder to recycle the binder and I guess the action aerosolized some of the mold spores.

Keren wanted me to keep sorting stuff out of the boxes but I couldn’t stay in the garage. I got so dizzy and with in 15’minutes I had to go in the house and rest.
I was literally weaving and feeling very overwhelmed and depleted.
I texted Polly my assistant.
She told me taking a Epsom Salt bath with Baking soda could help detox the mold.

I didn’t think it would do anything but I was desperate and didn’t know what else to do.
This is what she said to do: A bath, half a cup of baking soda in a cup of Epson salts for 20 minutes.
Even though it was tricky to get it filled and into the tub while dizzy, I managed.

I submerged myself including my head.

20 minutes later I was much better!
So surprising!

I was about 75% better. My husband drove me to San Ramon to get my Atlas Adjusted and after that I was all the way better.
I have helped many people with vertigo with just the Atlas ORthogonal adjustments.
Now I know from firsthand what else they can do.

I am so grateful for this experience and to Polly for her knowledge of detoxing.
I am grateful to be an Atlas ORthogonal Chiropractor. Thanks to Dr Roy Sweat and the AO foundation for my ongoing education.

Thanks to Divine Spirit which teaches me through first hand experience so I can help others.

Keren Geva Professional Home Organizer