Treating Allergies with Chiropractic Care

Treating Allergies with Chiropractic Care

Allergy Assessment and Reprogramming/Correction

In 1988 and 1989 Dr. Sheehan was an allergy nurse for a very busy practice in Dallas Texas under the direction of two M.D.’s. She prepared immunotherapy vials for injection and mixed the allergens. She administered allergy shots (immunotherapy), monitored and treated anaphylactic shock if it occurred. She performed skin scratch tests on patient’s backs of all ages. IgE response blood tests were evaluated. Patient’s allergies got better as long as they continued their monthly injections. This was both painful and expensive.

In 1995 in Hawaii Dr. Sheehan studied Total Body Modification with Dr. Victor Frank. This system involved identifying allergens and hypersensitivities in individuals with the use of Applied Kinesiology and included a protocol of correction. Since then hundreds of allergies in individuals have been reprogrammed with success. Even cat dander!

Allergies can be corrected using a sample of the allergy provoking material or through the use of a radionically charged vial. Through muscle testing the offending material will strengthen a weak muscle when a corresponding organ point or system is contacted. The bladder meridian along the spine is tapped which corresponds to the Merck Nerve chart. Vials representing the immunoglobulins, histamine and blood are used to enhance the correction. The whole thing is locked in using SOT blocking protocols Category IV.

It is painless, quick and effective.

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