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SCIO biofeedback - Educator - Distance Reiki

I can work on you from a distance; here is how:
There are two 2 ways –
Distance Reiki sessions, 1 hour and
Scio Eductor Biofeedback Radionic device,  1½ hour sessions

These sessions can be done on Humans or Animals

Reiki is Rei- Ki, Universal Life Energy, which originated in the late 19th century in Japan. It is done hands-on or remote by proxy; the practitioner is channeling healing energy through the hands.

I need your permission and a picture of you to do this.

People receiving Reiki can experience any number of sensations. I have people lie down when I send them the energy. People have experienced a sudden knowingness of what they need to do for their next step in healing. All sorts of positive and beneficial experiences have happened to people I have Reiki’d over the past 24 years.

Most people feel relaxation, warmth, and love. The Scio SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) Eductor biofeedback software system developed by a man named Nelson in Budapest Hungary. SCIO uses radionics where the picture of the person receiving is placed on; along with all their answers to twenty questions is loaded into the software, by the practitioner. Their birthplace and time are also entered and any concerns they may have.The software has 1000 therapies loaded into it and it is sent to the receiver through subspace, through the quantum field. This is a common phenomenon if you are familiar with Quantum Physics.

The most commonly used therapies are the spinal program, the emotional program, and the meridian balancing program. There is a program for every concern including Neurolinguistic reprogramming and homeopathy. There are a dental program and TMJ program as well.

People commonly experience relaxation; a level of stress is noticeably removed and a calming of tension in the body. They report they sleep much deeper.

A sample of clients have experienced:

A mother of a newborn with GI complaints. After treating the baby, I placed the mother on the Scio with permission.

The Scio showed an allergy to Goats milk. I asked the mother about it and she said she was eating copious amounts of goat cheese. She stopped and the infant felt better. This same mother had a cold and said her cold got much better after the virtual session.

An elderly male client was on my table receiving SCIO through the harness and limb (not virtually) had had a profound dream the night before where someone told him something. He heard theSCIO say the very same thing to him during the session. We assume it has Artificial Intelligence.

An elderly woman patient’s SCIO session showed tin coming up and she had come to me for arthritis pain. I asked her if she was eating canned goods and she said most of her food was out of a can. She started eating fresh vegetables, and protein within a few weeks her arthritis pain reduced dramatically.

Another woman patient who had fatigue and GI bloating. I placed her on the Scio several times and it kept showing Amoeba as the thing she was most reactive to. She bought an herbal formula to expel parasites and took them for 2 weeks. Many what she thought was liver flukes were expelled and she felt a lot better.

Now, with the extra challenges we are facing, everyone could use an immunity boost.

While I cannot make claims for specific results, I believe relieving stress does make our immune system stronger.

Included with the SCIO session:

  • A Chinese Astrology reading, a medical Astrology reading, and a compatibility reading of two people (with permission); if accurate dates and times of birth are given.
  • A reading for the actual day the session happens, and it will give the best food for health.
  • Affirmations to use which are specific to the individual during the session. Those are all in the report I send you.
  • Hundreds of herbs, homeopathy remedies, and supplements are loaded into the system, and often the top 3 are shared with the receiver in my report. All substances that react the strongest to the receiver are sent energetically to the receiver during the session.
  • Scio bio-resonance biofeedback device would show a change, and hopefully an improvement, on a person’s numbers concerning Body Wellness indicators (Quality of Life Questionnaire, Energy Index Factor, Strength, Oxidation, Flexibility, Memory, pH):
  • VARHOPE scores (V=voltage, A=amperage, R=resistance, H=hydration, O=oxygenation, P=proton pressure and E=electron pressure), electrical measures within the device. This may be indicating acid/base balance in the body.

Inflammation diseases will make Resistance go down and conductance go up. Degenerative diseases will make Resistance go up and conductance down.
V – Voltage – adrenal function and will power
A – Amperage – brain function, serotonin, life force
R – Resistance – ease of flow of energy through the body, overall health and organism resistance
H – Hydration – ease of water flow and water amount
O – Oxidation – ease of oxygen flow through the body
P – Proton Pressure – the body’s energetic pH. Above 70 alkaline, below 65 acid.
E – electron pressure – the measure of available electrons. The close the number to the P, the better.
This is a wonderful guide to compare from session to session.

Here is video link (4:33) about Bio-Feedback and SCIO

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