Pelvic Shearing Information and Care

Pelvic Shearing Information—
A condition of the pelvis, brought on by trauma, involving a subluxation / misalignment in any of the 6 axis’ of rotation, anterior or posterior, superior or inferior gliding around the X, Y, Z Cartesian system.

If you are reading this, you have been diagnosed by your doctor to have pelvic shearing.

The following are a list for your condition while it is healing and being re-aligned with Chiropractic:

  1. Do not get in your car leading with one leg; get in by putting your butt in first, then sit and swing your legs around. Get out of the car this way in reverse.
  2. Do not put your pants or underwear on when standing. Instead sit first and then put them on each leg.
  3. No one legged Yoga poses ie., Warrior II, Triangle and Pigeon are contraindicated. Lunges (one leg forward to stretch) also may make your misalignment worse. Exercises done with hips in the same plane are acceptable.
  4. Both feet down at the same time in and out of bed, chairs, couch.
  5. Get out of bed on the right/left side only. Pivot on the low side of the misalignment.
  6. Do not cross your legs when seated.
Pelvic Shearing Information

Pelvic Shearing Information

Through observation this condition takes about 3 months to stabilize as the muscles, ligaments and nerves get used to the new corrected position.

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