Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) Treatment

Imagine having had multiple car accidents and 2 concussions. How would you act and feel?
I have had such a history and it left me feeling scattered and unable to concentrate.
A doctor friend introduced me to Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) and that is how I began to heal.

It took 7 sessions to map my brain waves fully (there are 21 places on the skull to map). A pattern emerged of suppression
of normal expression and of survival. A mode I was stuck in.

By the 6th session I felt fully healed and completely in gratitude.

The benefits this brought me was on many levels:
In the first session a whole level of tension left my upper body ( I didn’t even know I was holding tension there)
A whole layer of anxiety fell away.
I felt I could easily meditate and focus.
My head felt different on my neck and shoulders and was a little uncomfortable for 2 days. Then my upper cervical adjustments started to hold for a lot longer than ever before.
I was no longer in fight or flight when speaking to groups or strangers.
I had more self confidence.
My nervous system was no longer hypersensitive to caffeine and stress didn’t seem to affect me very much.
I was no longer cold a lot. I felt warmer in environments that would normally be very chilling to me.
I could tackle projects and see them through and could clear my desk at home.
I felt more talkative and more interested in others.
Sensitivity to light and sound diminished.
After 5 sessions I had a sense of contentment I have never known and now I don’t think about moving any more.
Dyslexia in typing resolved after 6 sessions.
All of these benefits are long lasting and permanent.

The way it works in lay terms is you are hooked up to a mini EEG machine which is connected to a $11,000 software system, which picks up your brain waves and maps them and sends a low energy signal back to your brain. Your brain picks up the low energy signal and integrates it and puts out a more focused signal than before and the software system picks that up and adds it to the map.

The brain is the last frontier next to the ocean and I am just amazed at how the brain responds.

Who would this benefit?

  • Anyone with a history of brain trauma, blow to the head, concussion, car accidents, football injuries
  • Anyone with ADD or ADHD
  • Anyone with Dyslexia
  • Anyone with Anxiety, depression, or hypersensitivity

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