Treating Chronic Pain with Chiropractic Care

Chronic PainChronic pain in Americans is growing every day. Over 6 million people suffer daily from chronic pain and many reach for NSAID’s to alleviate it.

NSAID’s are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen and Aleve. These over the counter pain relievers are the reason for over 600,000 liver transplants each year because they damage the liver and cause GI bleeding, over 20,000 admissions to E.R.s each year.

Americans are not the healthiest people on the planet with America’s health care being number 40 on the list in the world despite astronomical health care costs.

Many people with chronic pain are also obese but many are not.

If only people with chronic pain had access to Chiropractic Health Care, where the nervous system is brought to a higher level of functioning, they could be relieved of this earlier, before it got to the chronic stage.

Still even in the chronic stage, most people can be helped with Chiropractic if they are patient and stay in care for 2-3 months in my experience, they will see improvements and benefits.

Looking at how the brain operates helps you to understand Chronic pain. 90% of the pain signals from your brain (which is where all pain really comes from) is inhibited and only 10% gets through according to neurology textbooks.

By the time you experience pain in your body, the damage has already been done to the nerves. The good news is the pressure and abnormal nerve firing can be removed and healing can begin at any time.

Pharmaceuticals slow down the ability of the body to heal because the metabolites of their constituents cause toxins to be stored and they actually slow down the action of your nervous system and other regulatory systems so your body has a harder time overcoming this and initiate healing.

There are many things a chronic pain sufferer can do that are holistic, meaning take into consideration everything about the person that is natural and non-toxic.

A Chiropractic exam should be one of the first steps a chronic pain sufferer should make. The reason being that Doctors of Chiropractic are nervous system specialists. We study functional neurology.

How does your nervous system function? We can explain that to you. There are the three nervous systems and how they interact with the brain and the function of all the organs and the relation to your spinal nerves.

Very simply put, if the spine is twisted, kinked or otherwise out of alignment, then the nervous system cannot do its job.

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