How abdominal organ listening and organ palpation during your visit will help you greatly

How abdominal organ listening and organ palpation during your visit will help you greatly

(Shoulder pain, hip pain, headaches, reflux, deep breath, neck pain posture, sciatica, immunity etc.)

What does your left sided sciatic pain have to do with your left lower colon?

What does your right sided sciatica pain have to do with your right lower intestine?
Is your neck pain related to your liver? It could be. That is why just working on the neck will not help neck pain sometimes.

And also why low back pain will not clear up with just adjusting the spine and working on the surrounding spinal muscles. The origin to low back pain can be in the intestines.

What does your right shoulder pain have to do with your liver and how does your left shoulder pain have to do with your stomach?
Could clearing the tension in your liver eliminate your shoulder pain?
Yes, have seen it happen.

I have seen headaches clear up just by working on the liver and gall bladder.

Anatomy is why!
It’s all connected.
Here is an anatomy example:
Your liver sends pain impulses to your shoulder via the celiac plexus and also to your lower neck on the right and via the phrenic nerve.

I hear from my patients: “it’s all on my right side!”
And I hear less often “it’s all on my left side.” That can be either brain stem related or organ related.

This is based on over 100,000 cases of Dr.Jean Pierre Barral, DO.
Dr. Barral noted how effective a Visceral “adjustment” was to his patients neuromusculoskelatal problems and perused this research.
He came to see that the structural relationships (musculoskeletal, spinal,cranial) would self correct after proper visceral (organ) Manipulation. He found it positively affected many body systems.

Visceral manipulation is a manual therapy with gentle specifically placed hand holds on the various abdominal organs and the ligaments and fascia covering them and listening to them (speak if you will) and apply a specific force that matches what that organ needs to return to a more normal motion, or internal tone.
from the handbook on Visceral Manipulation from the Barral Institute

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