Energetix Remedies

Energetix Remedies

EnergetixFor the past 2 years I have been experiencing and recommending Energetix Bio-Energetic formulas. These are herbal botanicals that are Spagyrically processed. They are phenomenal for  2 reasons. One is the process leaves basically all the healing potential alive from the plant and adds more minerals to the remedy than it would normally have. The bio-availability of these preparations have shown themselves to be very high and useful to the body. The second is that when combined with Homeopathy they work synergistically with each other and efficacy is even higher. All of these remedies test extremely well on most individuals and in many cases patients tell me they feel the difference soon after ingesting them.

I helped a woman experiencing severe allergy symptoms in the farmlands of Sacramento, California with one preparation and her allergies have abated for many months. This was a combined herbal remedy with homeopathic constituents. She and her husband were just amazed.

I was able to help another woman get pregnant after she failed to with a drug prescribed by her fertility doctor. She tried for 2 years to get pregnant. Because of the drug, she gained over 80 pounds and was obese. In just 2 months, her system started to stabilize and she became pregnant once her pituitary gland started to secrete hormones correctly and her cells got the nutrients it needed. She also was placed on a supplement to rid the filters of her body (liver and kidneys) of congestion. I was once again amazed by the power of the body to heal itself once blockages are removed.

I am thrilled to be able to help people get well and overcome the toxic load they once carried. In our current world situation I have found it is not enough to get adjusted, eat right, drink enough water, sleep eight hours a night, exercise 4 days a week and think positive thoughts. We also need to detoxify accumulated waste both in the gut and tissues and finally when all the elimination channels are open-detoxify the cells.

Please feel free to contact me or explore Energetix on line at www.goenergetix.com

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