Doctor Laura’s Suggestions For Dealing With Childhood Ear Infections

Doctor Laura’s Suggestions For Dealing With Childhood Ear Infections

Childhood Ear InfectionsDoctor Laura’s Suggestions For Dealing With Childhood Ear Infections:

With the onset of ear pain, sometimes evidenced by your child pulling on the ear:

a. switch from fruit juice to water flavored by a very small amount of juice (this prevents bacteria from growing well)

b. gently pull the child’s ear in 4 different directions, 3 times a day to prevent pooling of fluids in the eustachian tube.

c. don’t allow your child to drink milk or juice while lying down as this causes pooling in the ear.

  • Wait 48 hours to start any antibiotic regimen. Most often it is caused by a virus, not a bacteria so antibiotics only serve to weaken the immune system and they often don’t work which is why we hear of multiple rounds of antibiotics being prescribed. Offer probiotics after any antibiotics for good digestive health and to help the immune system function well. (1.)
  • Build your child’s immune system: give them multivitamins, children’s trace minerals and a diet free of fast foods. If they do not eat fruits and vegetables offer Juice Plus Gummies.
  • Get your child’s spine checked for misalignments in the neck area. C2 vertebrae rotations have nerve connections to the inner and middle ear.  Cranial-Sacral Technique and gentle instrument adjustments have been found to empirically clear up ear infections and diminish their return. I have seen it take 2-3 visits a week for two weeks to clear up acute or chronic ear infections. (2.)
  • Avoid crowded day care centers if possible.
  • Notice if the ear infections seem to occur after weekends of staying up late or no naps.
  • Use good hand washing around sick family members.


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(2.) Fallon JM. The Role of the Chiropractic Adjustment in the Care and Treatment of 332 Children with Otitis Media. Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, 1997: 2,2:167-183.

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