Could Buying Supplements on Amazon be Dangerous? Yes!!!

Could Buying Supplements on Amazon be Dangerous? Yes!!!

Dear Patients,

I have attached an article about the dangers and pitfalls of using Amazon and sources like Amazon to buy your supplements. Amazon makes it so easy! They even offer you discounts and great customer service, however, as this article will illuminate, while some vitamin and supplement manufacturers do sell through their own portal on Amazon, many do not. Therefore, you’re taking a chance when you order your supplements – they could be expired, counterfeit, repackaged, or stolen. 

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As a health practitioner, I have always worked directly with the manufacturers of the pharmaceutical – grade nutraceuticals I recommend. Knowing that things are getting expensive these days, I have now set up a new service and supplement resource for my patients, their families, and friends. Doctors’ Supplement Store, . They carry all the major brands I recommend and so much more! They have excellent customer service that easily competes with Amazon.

Using the link above will allow you to set up your own portal and receive:

A consistent 10% discount on all orders

Your first order will receive an additional 10% discount

Shipping is free with orders of $49 or greater

Available Auto Ship program – Free shipping and 5% more off (after initial enrollment)

Rewards: Purchase earn points towards future savings.

You can either register online or call them to register and place your orders. I encourage all of you to share this with your family and friends as well.

Best regards,

Dr. Laura Sheehan