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Patient was rear ended in a car accident at the end of 2023. Patient is male, 49 years old, and under treatment for 2 1/2 months since his accident. His pain levels were at 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 prior to treatment and after treatment his pain levels are down to 2. He came to see Dr. Sheehan complaining: “ I have trouble breathing and in pain in my middle back. I felt rattled and nervous. My breathing felt off – it was hard to get a deep breath. My muscles were in spasm.

Now on March 19, 2024, Dennis states: “I’m starting to breathe much better, the pain is gone in my middle back, I used to be rattled, anxious and a nervous wreck, saying “Doc, what’s wrong with me”? Now I am quiet as a mouse. I have some moments when I feel off, but it’s less and less with treatment. I used to say, “Will I ever go back to me the way I was before?” Yes! Dr. Laura has given me my life back! She brought me back from tinnitus as well, and I don’t notice it at all now.”

Dennis (March 19, 2024)

I suffered a mild concussion, whiplash and cervical misalignment in a car accident in which I was rear-ended at a stoplight. I am grateful to Dr. Laura Sheehan for her professional, holistic approach to my healing. She held my hand through the three-month ordeal by gradually correcting the cervical misalignment and improving my post concussion syndrome with cranial-sacral work. She also cared for my emotional body (post-concussion stress) through her loving and empathic approach to my care. I marveled at the thoroughness of her in-take exam. I recommend her to anyone seeking an integrative approach to healing. I will stay with her suggested maintenance protocol for the continued wellbeing of my cervical spine. I am most grateful and contribute my current comeback to the combined care I received from my acupuncturist, massage therapist, and Dr. Sheehan’s expertise in Atlas Orthogonal Treatment.

Carol D. (January 5, 2016)

We saw dr Laura for cranial sacral therapy on our infant son.  He was having difficulty latching when he was nursing and the when he would he would chomp down hard, causing my wife considerable pain.
The experience of watching him undergo this very gentle body work was fascinating. When he was born it was like he was a little out of focus.  After his first session, it was as though dr Laura had adjusted the lense and his face actually changed, coming into focus before our eyes.  A very cool thing.
Our boy slept through the majority of the sessions and after was calmer and more content with life for days after.
Thanks for all your help Dr Laura

Ari B (testomonial posted on Yelp)


I was in pain for 5 months, and as a trainer i couldn’t do any physical activity , i didn’t know if I will ever get out of this … I have seen many chiropractor, and osteopath, just had some temporary relief until I went to Laura Sheehan.
She sent me to do some X-rays and practice Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, I was a little skeptical at first, but in my condition I was ready for anything. All I have to say is that it worked! I was so surprised, and relieved. Today (a month later), I’ll say I am 100% back in my training and I am loving the pain free neck.
She is very experienced, as soon she puts her hand on you she knows exactly what is going on, no crazy cracking, no pain at all.
She have a very soft approach, and is very nice and understanding.
I highly recommend her, she will save you and you will not believe how soft she is and how good you will feel after her care!

Valerie T (testimonial posted on Yelp)

I had a bulged disc which left me completely immobile. My primary physician gave me pain killers and said if it did not heal itself surgery was the only option. Through Dr. Sheehan’s experienced care I was back on my feet and normal activities within a week.

Eric H (testimonial posted on Yelp)

My 8 years old son is a very active kid and was having some hard time at school because of his behavior. We have tried many different things, including vitamins, sugar free diet, going to bed early, lots of parenting techniques and nothing seemed to really make a difference. It was only after he complained about back pain for a few times that we thought about taking him to see a Chiropractic. We were very lucky to find Dr Sheehan, she took good care of him and after the adjustments we can notice the improvement on his behavior. His defiance level goes down after he sees Dr Sheehan and it’s really helping him (and us) on a daily basis. He even got awarded as student of the week for “demonstrating the most improved behavior” in his teacher words. It’s really amazing how this is helping him and I would absolutely recommend Dr Sheehan to anyone that may be experiencing similar issues.

Dr Sheehan worked on his retained neonatal reflex and assymetric tonic neck reflex integration, and while I am not exactly sure of what that means, I am sure that it is making a big difference on my son’s life and our family life as well!

Felipe C (testimonial posted on Yelp)

I called Dr. Laura my “goddess” during my pregnancy. I had a fairy chill pregnancy, but my back pain was near unbearable in the last few months. My massage therapist recommended Dr. Laura and I am so very grateful she did. After one visit my back pain was greatly alleviated and i walked out of her office feeling physically and emotionally 1000% better. In the last couple months of my pregnancy Dr. Laura used the Webster technique to try & get my breeched baby to turn. The little bugger wouldn’t cooperate and poor Dr. Laura felt so bad. She really wanted the best for me and baby as she cared so very much.She also did some work on baby after he was born. I kid you not, after she works on him his cheeks get rosier and he takes a 3 hour nap after being adjusted! He loves it. If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have a baby/child that needs chiropractic, please see Dr. Laura. I cannot recommend her enough (and I’ve been going to chiropractors for 20+ years!) oh – and her office manager Denise is amazing too!

Erika P (testimonial posted on Yelp)

Meeting Dr. Laura Sheehan has taken one of the most dismal situations I’ve encountered in my life and completely turned it around. About a year ago, I woke up one morning and my arm seemed paralyzed. I was diagnosed with cervical disc herniations that led to cervical myelopathy. The only option presented to me was a hideous surgical procedure which had no guarantee of restoring the use of my arm. I searched other options, and immediately began physical therapy.

It was extremely slow with bare minimum results. One year later I met Dr. Laura and within 3 of her visits my arm became more and more mobile. Today, I have at least 95% use of this arm and all I can say is “Thank You, Dr. Laura!”

James Bacchi, Gallery Owner

At my 35th week of my pregnancy, my baby was in the breech position and I was experiencing sciatic pain which caused me persistent pain when walking and lying down. ‘The Natural Resource Center referred me to Dr. Laura because of her specialty in working with pregnant women. Dr. Laura was able to relieve me of pain and also open my sacral-illiac joint which enabled the doctors to successfully turn my baby. She definitely made my pregnancy pain-free.

A few months after my baby was born, she rolled off the couch and fell on her head. The following days she developed a fever, became lethargic and somewhat despondent… definitely not herself. Her pediatrician didn’t see any visible signs and took a ‘wait and see’ approach.

I then took my baby to Dr. Laura who diagnosed her to have a neck sublixation from the fall. Dr. Laura adjusted her and within the day she was herself again and the fever had gone down. Dr. Laura’s expertise coupled with love and care has been an incredible effective experience for me and my baby.

Catherine Baldi, Healthy Mom

Dear Dr. Laura Sheehan,
I am taking this opportunity, as a new client, to thank you for your excellent care and professional chiropractic services to me the past few months. I came to you with symptoms of severe lower back pain that traveled across my hip and down my leg. I also exhibited extreme loss of muscle strength and numbness in my leg. I was fearful that these conditions would be permanent, or that I might require orthopedic surgery. I had become dependent on a cane to support myself while walking…

…The treatments you have provided me using Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic have offered an entirely new approach to my body’s healing. The very unique and gentle methods you have used to relieve my pain and discomfort, as well as your compassionate concern as a professional have been invaluable in my current. healing process. I have experienced a rapid recovery from my symptoms and currently eliminated the need for back surgery.

Again, I thank you for your excellent care, and look forward to continued health and well being.

Sandra B. Lloyd, Childbirth Educator/ Doula

My OB sent me to see Dr. Sheehan for low back pain during my third pregnancy. She worked with me until I delivered. Here’s the difference between my other two deliviers and this one. After receiving Chiropractic adjustments, my labor was shortened by 15 hours and I only pushed for 5 minutes. The other 2 labors were 12 hours long with 20 minutes of pushing and severe low back pain accompanied them. Not with this one. Dr. Sheehan checked my son’s neck too after delivery for alignment.

R. Nguyen, San Francisco Personal Trainer

I had dramatic results from my sessions with you. In short, your help has been miraculous. When I first came to see you I had chronically tight hamstrings and a bum knee. Two Orthopedic surgeons and several P.T.’s weren’t helping. After just two sessions with you I woke up with no pain in the morning. I had this problem for a year and a half and now it is gone. I feel like a young person again and can play soccer again!

R. MacGuinness

Dear Laura,

Ah, another successful session. On the way home from my work at the hospital I stopped by to visit Maciej, Ashley and Rai. Your treatments are making an incredible impact on this child and I can’t tell you how grateful we are for your intervention. Tera tells me Rai responds in ways to you unlike anything she has ever seen. I’m sure it is magical…Thank you again for your knowledgeable, capable and loving manner that has not just touched Rai’s heart, but our family’s as well.

Warmly, Bob

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