Autumn and Immunity

Autumn and Immunity

With a combination of less sun and shorter daylight hours (less vitamin D) and more candy starting at Halloween, the sweets at Thanksgiving and Christmas; we have the makings for what our society calls “the flu season”.

Every choice you make you are choosing to build up or break down your immune system.

As you are choosing to be adjusted weekly then you are making a positive deposit into your immune system account. Anecdotally patients report to me that they feel they have better immunity every year, and don’t require flu and cold medicines any more. Allergy symptoms reduced drastically too with regular chiropractic adjustments.

Preliminary research suggests it may be possible to boost your immunity with the chiropractic adjustment. The evidence strongly suggests a connection between the spinal nerves and the immune organs. I want to give you every chance that you are as adaptable during this incredibly stressful time.

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